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Benefits of using Solar Energy


Solar energy is derived from the radiation that reaches the Earth, either in the form of light, heat or ultraviolet rays. Depending on how solar energy is obtained, there are different types:

•Photothermal solar energy.

It uses the heat thanks to solar collectors that receive the sun’s rays and transfer it to a working fluid. It is used to heat buildings and water, drive turbines, dry grain, or destroy waste.

•Photovoltaic Solar Energy.

It transforms the rays into electricity through solar panels or photovoltaic cells. Solar panels are made of silicon which, when excited by sunlight, allows electrons to move and electric current is generated. Photovoltaic cells trap photons from sunlight and release a charge that is converted into electricity.

•Thermoelectric power.

It transforms solar heat into electrical energy in an indirect way, since it is a combination of the previous two. Photothermal solar energy is used to obtain electricity. It uses large mobile mirror systems that concentrate the sun’s rays at a specific point and thus heat a fluid, which is used to produce electricity with a generator.

Solar energy is derived from the radiation that reaches the Earth, either in the form of light, heat or ultraviolet rays.


– Elysian Efficiency Group

Solar energy has gained great prominence in recent years, and it is now possible to bet on it for the energy consumption of your business. It is the energy that pollutes the environment the least, and offers multiple benefits that you should definitely know about.

Next, we review the main advantages of solar energy for your company.

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is obtained from the sun. With it we can generate heat and electricity to run a business or a home, and other uses. Among the main benefits it offers, we highlight the following:

Significantly reduces carbon footprint. It is a clean energy that does not generate greenhouse gases or pollution during its use.

•It is a renewable and sustainable energy.

•It can heat, something that other renewable energies do not offer.

•It does not require the extraction of materials of any kind to work. This represents greater savings.

•Sunlight is very abundant and the use of solar panels can be used anywhere. This is especially useful in areas where it is difficult to create wiring systems, for example.

•It reduces dependence on the outside for this type of supply.

•It conserves natural resources by reducing the need for fossil fuels.

•It allows electricity savings in energy consumption and bills.


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