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The good choice of an air conditioner is essential to properly acclimatize the home and fulfill its function with guarantees, however, it is convenient to know that it is essential that the installation of the air conditioner is carried out correctly by a professional equipped have in your possession the corresponding permits and mandatory certificates to implement this type of tasks.

Undoubtedly, the good performance of an appliance of this type depends, to a large extent, on an optimal installation by an air conditioning installer from an authorized company.

In Elysian you can count on a specialized company, through which an installer provides professional advice regarding the power and the ideal location of the device you want to acquire and, with full guarantee, performs a perfect installation.

It is useless to have a quality device if a correct installation is not carried out afterwards.

The relevance of the installation in this type of air conditioning and air conditioning equipment is relevant. And it is that, when it comes to conditioning a house with one or several air units, it is necessary for a professional to go to the home to see where the best location can be given, observe what is the volume to be conditioned, how is the thermal insulation of the house, distribution, what power is required, etc.

Therefore, it will be vital to have the advice and work of a technician who complies with these conditions and obligations.

There are statistics of a series of brands of air conditioning equipment that show surprising data, more than half of the failures, verified by the corresponding technical services, were not caused by the device itself, but by a poor installation.

These failures in the installations are caused, in large part, because the people who have carried out this work are of dubious professionalism and have little training but, faced with a great demand, they have offered their services and, obviously, they have not carried out a rigorous and professional.

For all these reasons, it is essential, as mentioned above, to request the services of an expert installer, if you do not want to have negative consequences in the short or medium term.

What would happen if the authorized technical service of a certain brand comes to repair an air conditioning fault and verifies that the problem is with the installation?

Quite simply, the client would have to bear the travel costs of the employees, who would not solve the problem, since it would not be their responsibility in this case, the person responsible would be the previous installer, who did not do a good job.

There are many similar cases in different sectors, so you have to take note and avoid these unpleasant incidents.

There is no doubt that a correctly installed air conditioning system currently provides a very high level of comfort and enviable performance at any time of the year.

Not only must the installation be left in the hands of specialized personnel, the revision of the air conditioning must also be carried out by a professional in the field, who is authorized and who is in possession of the air conditioning installer license and the certificate handler of fluorinated gases, since all technical personnel in charge of maintenance, assembly, recovery and leak control of air conditioning and refrigeration systems must have these official documents.

It should be remembered that it is very important to make correct use of air conditioners. It must be taken into account that the rooms must be closed and well insulated, it must also be tried that they provide moderate temperatures, neither excessively cold nor hot, for an evident energy saving and so that it does not affect too much when you go out to the outdoor.

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